TICO's Code of Practice for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce establishes standards for good business practices for registrants conducting commercial activities with consumers online. This Code contains sections which already exist as a result of consumer protection, privacy or other laws and regulations, or other general voluntary codes of conduct to which registrants may subscribe.

This Code has been developed for all registrants who have websites and operate in an online environment. The code pertains to all websites including those that only provide information, such as advertisement or business card websites, as well as those websites that have online booking capabilities and are able to carry out commercial transactions with consumers. It is recommended that this Code is reviewed in its’ entirety, and that the principles are implemented by the registrant as a best practice to comply with the Travel Industry Act, 2002 requirements and TICO’s Code of Ethics. While this is a voluntary Code, many sections are based on the requirements of the Travel Industry Act, 2002 and its Regulation and Registrants must comply with all the requirements under the Act and Regulation. The Appendix at this end of this document indicates which sections are based on legislation and which sections are recommended as best practices.

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