The Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) is mandated by the Ontario government to administer the Travel Industry Act, 2002. All travel retailers and travel wholesalers selling travel services from a location in the Province of Ontario are required to be registered under the Travel Industry Act, 2002 with TICO.

Selling travel services in and from the Province of Ontario without TICO registration is a contravention of the Travel Industry Act, 2002 and may result in charges being laid under the Act. This also applies to anyone who has submitted a TICO Application for Registration which is pending approval from TICO.

All registered travel retailers and travel wholesalers must meet requirements relating to financial criteria and provide full disclosure to consumers and meet advertising guidelines.

Once registered, the licence must be renewed annually at the registrant’s fiscal year anniversary. Renewal fees are based on a registrant’s current annual sales volume.

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Useful Definitions:

Travel Retailer (Travel Agency)

The Travel Industry Act, 2002 defines a travel agent as “a person who sells, to consumers, travel services provided by another person.”

Travel Wholesaler (Tour Operator)

The Travel Industry Act, 2002 defines a travel wholesaler as “a person who acquires rights to travel services for the purpose of resale to a travel agent or who carries on the business of dealing with travel agents or travel wholesalers for the sale of travel services provided by another person.”

Travel Service

The Travel Industry Act, 2002 defines a travel service to mean “transportation or sleeping accommodation for the use of a traveller, tourist or sightseer or other services combined with that transportation or sleeping accommodation”.

Requirements of TICO Registration

  • $3,000.00 non-refundable application fee by certified cheque or money order.
  • A completed TICO registration form.
  • A résume and letters of reference from previous employers for the designated manager, photo ID and copy of TICO Education Standard certificate(s). (References will be checked)
  • The designated Manager must have sufficient travel industry experience (minimum 3 years) and must have successfully met the Education Standard and obtained TICO Certification for both the Travel Counsellor and Supervisor/Manager Exam.  More information - click here
  • A registrant must have at least one officer or director who is a resident of Canada.
  • Opening proforma balance sheet or current financial statements indicating a positive working capital.
  • Security deposit in the amount of $10,000.00 (Letter of Credit, bank draft or certified cheque from your financial institution in Ontario). The security deposit will be returned to the applicant after the filing of two consecutive year end financial statements provided that the Registrar has no concerns about the registrant’s compliance with the Act.

  • Confirmation of trust account(s). A letter from your financial institution in Ontario must be submitted, in the format provided by TICO and must be designated as a Travel Industry Act Trust Account.

  • Trust Declaration form must be acknowledged.

  • If a Trade style name is used, it must be registered with the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery - Service Ontario.  Provide a copy of the Master Business Licence.
  • If officers and/or directors are different from those listed in the articles of incorporation, Form 1 must be filed with the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery - Service Ontario.
  • Carrying on business from a dwelling requires the permission of the Municipality responsible for enforcing local zoning requirements.  The applicant is required to provide a copy of the approval from the Municipality.
  • If applying for both retail and wholesale registration, separate applications and fees must be submitted.
  • Wholesale applicants must provide a business/marketing plan.
  • Wholesale applicants must obtain written approval from Registrar, Travel Industry Act 2002, before entering into any ‘risk contracts’ with scheduled or non scheduled air carriers.
  • Disclose all particulars regarding any bankruptcies, judgements, discharges.
  • Provide criminal record check for each owner, officer, director, shareholder and designated manager named on the application.  This can be obtained from some OPP detachments or most Municipal Police Services.*  The information can also be obtained within 24 hours from an online background check service provider.  For the convenience of applicants, TICO has partnered with myBackCheck to assist applicants to expediate their registration process.  To request a BackCheck Report - click here
  • Provide copy of government photo identification for each owner, officer, director, shareholder and designated manager named on the application.*

* Not applicable for shareholder of publicly traded corporation.

Notice of Ceasing to Sell Travel Services

A registrant that knows that it will cease to sell travel services at least 10 days before doing so shall provide written notice to the registrar as soon as practicable, but in no event less than 10 days before ceasing to sell travel services.