Inspections and Investigations

Individuals designated by the Travel Registrar to conduct inspections and those designated by the Statutory Director to conduct investigations on behalf of the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) will conduct themselves in a manner that exemplifies the core values of the organization and will:

  • Promote and advocate for respect and adherence for all laws;
  • Foster public confidence and trust by exhibiting professionalism, impartiality and fairness for all;
  • Ethical in conduct and behaviour vital for those entrusted with the compliance and enforcement of Ontario’s consumer protection legislation; and
  • Accountable for ensuring duties performed are efficient, judicious and courteous of all stakeholders.


    Elements of Conduct and Professionalism

                  Honesty and Integrity

Conducting duties with a high standard of ethics including sound judgement, legitimacy and dependability to support stakeholder confidence and trust.


Preserving confidentiality of information obtained while carrying out the duties related to compliance and enforcement as required under section 35 of Ontario Travel Industry Act, 2002, except, for greater clarity, where adherence to law or law enforcement prevails.


Treating all stakeholders with courtesy, equality, inclusivity and respect at all times.


Performing all duties impartially, consistently and objectively, without favour or ill will.

                    Knowledge and Competencies

Continual individual improvement and professional development to enhance knowledge and competencies.

  Risk Mitigation

   Consideration of public interest and safety when performing compliance and enforcement duties on behalf of TICO.

Service Standards for Professionalism

On initial contact, TICO Inspectors and Investigators will:

  • introduce themselves, name and title and display or present their TICO identification and/or business card;
  • identify and explain the statutory authority for the inspection, investigation or enforcement activity;
  • provide general information regarding the inspection, investigation or enforcement activity and process;
  • where appropriate, address stakeholder questions or concerns as a result of the inspection or investigation,
  • when applicable, advise stakeholder(s) of their right to seek legal counsel, and
  • provide contact information should further information or feedback be required.
  • Conduct and conclude activities in a timely manner.









Last reviewed – May 20, 2021