Every person who is working for a registered Ontario retail travel agency and is selling travel services or providing travel advice to the public must, by law, meet the TICO's Education Standards.  This includes Supervisors and Managers on a registrant's registration record with TICO.  The Education Standards Program is administered by TICO. The program consists of two levels:

1) Travel Counsellor
2) Supervisor/Manager

NOTE:    Successfully passing the TICO Education Standards Exam allows you to sell travel services or provide travel advice to the public on behalf of a TICO registered Ontario travel agency.  It does not mean that you are licensed to sell travel services in Ontario. A pass certificate for the exam is not the same as a TICO Registration. If you are not working for a TICO registered travel agency and you wish to sell travel services in Ontario, you would need to contact TICO’s registration department to obtain a license before you can start selling travel services.

For more information on TICO's Education Standards Program - click here