We hope that the travel services you receive from Ontario's registered travel retailers and travel wholesalers are excellent. However, if you are unsatisfied with any aspect of your travel services, AND you have already tried to resolve this issue with your travel agent, you may contact the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) for information or assistance in dealing with your complaint. Learn more about TICO's role in assisting with consumer travel complaints.

TICO accepts complaints from consumers against Ontario registered travel retailers and/or travel wholesalers, and its role is to facilitate the flow of information between the consumer and the travel company to assist in resolving a dispute. Pursuant to its mandate of administering and enforcing the Travel Industry Act, 2002, TICO also reviews all information received to determine if regulatory action is required. If such is the case, this will be dealt with separately from assisting with the resolution of the complaint.  It is important to note that TICO does not have the authority to settle a dispute, or to impose a settlement, and it does not have the authority or mandate to act as an arbitrator in any complaint matter.  TICO recommends that you put your complaint in writing to the travel company involved, explain why you are not satisfied and explain how the matter could be resolved to your satisfaction. If the company's response is not satisfactory to you, then you have the option of filing a written complaint with TICO.

To file a Travel Complaint With TICO - click here