(Mississauga, ONT.) – On September 28, 2021, The Travel Industry Council of Ontario’s (TICO’s) Board of Directors approved 45 claims totalling $125,321.39 to assist 97 consumers who did not receive the travel services for which they had paid. The approved claims are as follows:

Albarkah Travel and Tours Inc. = 32 claims to assist 77 consumers, totalling $105,101.99

Fly Jamaica Airways = 2 claims to assist 4 consumers, totalling $1,924.99

Jet Airways = 11 claims to assist 16 consumers, totalling $18,294.41

In addition, the following claims totalling $16,548.02 were denied:

Tucan Travel Inc. = 2 claims for 3 consumers totalling $6,592.30 as the travel services were purchased from a non-registrant

Albarkah Travel and Tours Inc. =

  • 2 claims for 3 consumers, totalling $ 3,823.00 were denied because the claims were received beyond the filing deadline
  • 1 claim for 4 consumers totalling $ 4,456.00 was denied as the services were available to have been received  

Fly Jamaica Airways = 1 claim for 2 consumers totalling $1,676.72, as the services were available to have been received

The Ontario Travel Industry Compensation Fund is wholly financed by the industry to protect consumers who do not receive the travel services for which they paid, due to the insolvency or bankruptcy of an Ontario-registered travel agency or travel wholesaler or due to the cessation of an end supplier airline or cruise line. The Fund only covers consumers who have booked through an Ontario-registered travel agent. The Fund is administered by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario, a not-for-profit corporation.


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