The Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) Board of Directors is now accepting applications from experienced leaders within and beyond the travel industry for two positions on the board:

  • One (1) Industry Director (who is involved in the travel industry); and
  • One (1) Public Director (who has no direct personal or business interest in the travel industry).

Directors will be elected for three-year terms at TICO’s Annual Meeting on September 24, 2024.

Application Process

The application period closed at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, July 12, 2024.

About TICO

TICO is a not-for-profit corporation, responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Travel Industry Act, 2002 and Ontario Regulation 26/05 on behalf of the Ontario government. The legislation governs all of the approximately 1,925 travel retailers and travel wholesalers registered in Ontario. In addition, TICO administers an industry-financed Travel Compensation Fund.

Role of the Board

TICO is governed by a nine-member board, made up of three members elected from the travel industry, three from the general public, and three appointed by the Minister of Public and Business Service Delivery and Procurement.

The board is responsible for ensuring that the organization’s mandate is carried out effectively and efficiently on behalf of Ontarians. In addition, the board shapes TICO’s strategic direction, provides financial oversight, supports outreach and advocacy, and serves as an ambassador for TICO and its mission.

The board will strive to reflect the diversity of Ontario, with an inclusion lens applied to consider gender, race, age, geographical representation, accessibility, language, and other diversity criteria.

To Qualify

Interested candidates are encouraged to review the Board Code of Conduct, which outlines the board’s fiduciary roles, and the Terms of Reference for a Board Member, which sets out the responsibilities and key expectations of board members. In addition, all directors must possess a positive orientation for proactive consumer protection initiatives.

All Elected Directors

At a minimum, to be eligible for election as a TICO Elected Director, one must meet the following requirements:

  • meet the Competency and Selection Criteria for Members of the Board of Directors set out in Schedule “C” of the Administrative Agreement;
  • must be a resident of Canada;
  • must be at least 19 years of age;
  • be someone in respect of whom TICO has obtained satisfactory Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) and other background checks. The results of such checks must satisfy TICO that the potential election of the candidate would not be contrary to the best interests of the Ontario travel industry in general or TICO in particular;
  • must not be an undischarged bankrupt;
  • must not be an individual who has himself or herself been insolvent or bankrupt within the three (3) years immediately preceding the appointment, or associated with a Person* who has become insolvent or bankrupt within the three (3) years immediately preceding the appointment;
  • must not be an individual who is charged or has been convicted, or associated with a Person that is charged or has been convicted, of an offence under the Criminal Code, the Travel Industry Act, 2002 or the Consumer Protection Act, 2002 or statutes similar to them in another jurisdiction or any offence under provincial legislation that causes the TICO Board of Directors to believe that the function of Director will not be fulfilled with honesty and integrity and in the best interests of the travel industry;
  • must not be an individual who is or was associated with a Registrant that has had previous unpaid claims against the Compensation Fund within the previous three years; and
  • must not be an individual who is or was associated with a Registrant that is the subject of outstanding regulatory or administrative action by the Registrar under the Travel Industry Act, 2002.

*“Person” shall mean an individual, proprietorship, partnership, incorporated company, joint venture or other legally recognized entity.

Industry Elected Directors

At a minimum, to be eligible for election, an Industry Elected Director must be:

  • Involved in the travel industry. This may include, but is not limited to, individuals from the following classes:
    • travel agents
    • travel wholesalers
    • individuals who are directors, officers, employees or agents of travel agents or travel wholesalers
    • individuals who are directors, officers, members, or agents of an industry association representing the interests of travel agents or travel wholesalers
    • individuals who met the descriptions of any class above within one year before becoming a director of the board of the administrative authority

Public Elected Directors

At a minimum, to be eligible for election as a Public Director, the individual must not be involved in the travel industry.

TICO is seeking applications from individuals with a broad range of skills, perspectives and expertise as outlined in the Board Member Profile and is particularly interested in individuals who possess the following competencies:

  • Legal Experience – The member has experience in law and compliance and/or experience providing legal/regulatory advice and guidance within a regulatory organization.
  • Marketing / Public Relations Knowledge and Experience – The member has experience with, or can demonstrate knowledge of expertise in, communications, public relations or interacting with the media. This may include knowledge of effective advocacy and public engagement strategies, developing key messages, crisis communications, or social media and viral marketing.


Directors are elected for a term of three years. The TICO Board meets approximately six times per year. Board meetings are typically four hours. In addition, TICO has three committees. Each committee typically meets four or five times per year. Committee meetings are typically four to five hours. Each board member participates on a maximum of two committees.

Periodically, board members may also be required to attend strategy or development sessions. This could involve an additional two or three days per year. There is reading/preparation required in advance of all meetings. All Directors must attend at least 75% of the meetings held in any twelve-month period of their term.


Directors receive per diems for meetings attended and reimbursement for all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses related to board and committee work.

Selection Process

The Governance and Nominations Committee, composed of board members, will review the applications, and interviews may be conducted if required. Then, the most qualified candidates will be recommended via a slate of candidates for election by Registrant Members at TICO's Annual Meeting.

Membership Election

TICO will circulate the slate of candidates to all Registrant Members at least 30 days before the Annual Meeting, including biographies for each candidate. Registrant Members are entitled to one vote, in person or by proxy, for each registration held on every question submitted.

Important Dates*

  • Application period opens: Monday, June 24, 2024
  • Application period closes: Friday, July 12, 2024 at 4:30 p.m.
  • Slate of candidates circulated to the membership: Friday, August 23, 2024
  • Annual meeting – election of directors: Tuesday, September 24, 2024

* Subject to change


If you have any questions, please contact Tracey McKiernan, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..