Please note: the application process to join the IAC has now closed.

The Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) is launching a new opportunity for Ontario’s travel industry to provide input on the way travel consumer protection is delivered in the province.

Travel retailers and wholesalers serve a vital role in ensuring TICO’s consumer protection mandate is embraced and delivered to consumers in an effective and efficient manner.

A new approach for gaining industry and consumer feedback

The purpose of TICO’s Industry Advisory Council (IAC) is to provide guidance and advice to the Board of Directors and senior management in the execution of TICO’s mandate.

Following the Minister’s Orders received last year, TICO is launching two new councils – IAC to hear directly from industry, while a separate Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) will be dedicated to receiving feedback from consumers.

The previous Consumer and Industry Advisory Committee (CIAC) was dissolved effective December 31, 2023. Members of the two new councils – the IAC and CAC – are expected to possess a positive orientation towards TICO’s consumer protection mandate.

Recruiting members for the IAC

TICO is excited to select members for its new IAC, which will become active as of April 1, 2024. Using a selection process, our goal is to select up to 14 new members for the inaugural council.

Our goal is to select members representing a broad range of registrant business models reflective of different products, delivery channels, consumer groups, etc. from across the province. In addition to a positive orientation to consumer protection, we are also looking for prospective members who:

  • Understand and embrace TICO’s consumer protection mandate;
  • Considered by peers as independent thinkers recognized for consensus building with strong strategic, risk management, communications and teamwork skills;
  • Represent the diversity of Ontario, willing to consider a broad range of perspectives; and
  • Have unquestionable integrity, credibility and high ethical standards.

The IAC will meet up to four times per year, ideally in-person, where members have the time to commit to becoming a strong contributor.

Apply to join the IAC

Please note: the application process to join the IAC has now closed.

The deadline for applications is Friday, February 16, 2024 at 4 pm.

For more information

A detailed Terms of Reference is available here, which provides further details, context and expectations for future IAC members. Common to similar public sector councils, members should expect a reasonable but thorough review of their candidacy, including an interview and necessary background checks.

To further encourage participation, and reflect the expected modest time commitment, a standard per diem will be paid to members attending meetings.

Please note that membership will only be permitted on one TICO council, in the event there is also interest in applying to the CAC. More information about the CAC and membership requirements will be sent separately.

Any questions can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We look forward to hearing from you!