TICO conducts investigations when it becomes apparent that there may have been a breach of the Travel Industry Act, 2002 and Ontario Regulation 26/05. Investigations can result in charges being laid under the statute. Results of investigations are not a matter of public record, unless they escalate into a prosecution and charges are laid. The following are TICO investigations that have resulted in charges and convictions:

Current Charges:

Date Name
January 7'20                         Millennium Leisure Travels Inc. and Kailan Ariyarajah
November 27'19 Michael Shane Adams
October 10'19 CA Tour International Inc. and Ping Chen
September 3'19 Megan Lalancette and Moose Travel Company Ltd.
June 27'19 Hazem El Maghraby and Travel Partner International Inc.


Date Name
January 22’20 Raed Karborani and Biblical Journeys Canada
January 16’20 Pure Yoga Ottawa Inc.
July 26'19 Emmanuel Adjei

May 7'19

Derrell Caprietta
April 18'19 Yves Gildas Emolo Morrison
Feb 11'19         Karen Gushue
Sept 24 '18 Alicia Kielek
July 3`18 Akkiratourz Ltd. and Gukadharsini Packiyanathan
June 20`18 Sakthivel Suppiah
May 25`18     Elizabeth Sampson-Holder
Feb 27`18 Dominic Daly
Feb 16`18 Gerardo Calderon and Gladys Calderon o/a Smartchoice Travel & Tours
Jan 31`18         Frank Cardona
Jan 24`18 Alicia Kielek
Jan 22`18 Tajmahal Tourism Inc.