Toronto– Mahendran Sivakolunthu plead guilty and was convicted of one (1) count of operating as a travel agent without registration, contrary to section 4(1)(a) of the Travel Industry Act, 2002 (theAct).  Mr. Sivakolunthu operated in Toronto and elsewhere in Ontario.

Mr. Sivakolunthu was sentenced as follows:

1.    Fine in the amount of $3,000 plus Victim Surcharge Fees, for a total of $3,750, payable over two years. 

2.    Probation Order for one (1) year starting September 21, 2016 and ending September 21, 2017, with the
       following conditions:

a.    Report to the Probation Officer within 5 days from the date of the Order and thereafter as required by the Officer.

b.    Pay restitution to the consumer in the amount of $2000, payable monthly at not less than $170 per month until paid in full. 

c.     Prior to accepting employment in the travel industry, inform the employer of this conviction under the Act.

d.    Within 5 days from accepting employment in the travel industry, inform the Registrar, Travel Industry Act, 2002, in writing, of the name of the agency. 

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